Although we support our customers with APIs and herbal ingredients, but we decided to support the TMT’s clients from the very beginning, by offering the required brand for them to proceed with their stability tests and bio-equivalence studies. TMT’s technical team are experts in sourcing and supplying pharmaceutical brands and biologicals. TMT supports and supply the customers with pharmaceutical brands from different regions and reference countries all over the world (North America, Europe & Australia). Our Account managers and sales representatives are willing to provide the required services with the best price and quality and that’s the corner stone of TMT’s success. With the loyalty of an ever-increasing customer base, our company will remain in priority.
Jentadueto 2.5 mg / 1000mgDrotaverine 40 mg Suprax 200 mg VIREAD 300MG TAB
Jentadueto 2.5 mg / 850mg Drotaverine HCL 40 mg Suprax 400 mg Progynova 1mg Tbl
Trajenta 5 mg Benylin cold Pyridoxine 50mg tab Progynova 2mg Tbl
Seroquel XL 50 mg Vaprino 100 mgURECE 2mg TabletsAldomet 250 mg tablet
Seroquel XL 200 mg Fenofibrat Hexal 200MGLyrica 25 mg (Pregabalin) Vimpat 100 mg tab
Seroquel XL 300 mgSivextro 200mg (GB)Lyrica 75 mg (Pregabalin)Fetzima ER caps. 120 mg
RIAMET TAB 20/120 mgRelifex 500MG Lyrica 150 mg (Pregabalin)Secnol 2mg sachet
Colofac IBS TAB 135 mgDaklinza 60 mg tablet Toctino (Alitretinoin) 10 mgVancocin capsule 250 mg
EFEROX 25 DAKLINZA 30MG Toctino (Alitretinoin) 30 mg Diclectin tab 10+10 mg
EFEROX 50CIPRAMIL 40 MGMovicol 13.8 g (Chocolate) Cipro XL 500mg ER
EFEROX 100 ZITHROMAX 250MG Movicol 13.8 g (Lemon)Apo-Diltiaz 60mg Tab
COPAXONE 20MG/ML ZITHROMAX 500MG Adenuric tablets 120 mg Nizatidine
CLIFT 20 MG/ML BRIVIACT 100MGXarelto tablets 2.5 mg Pepad Complete
Ocaliva 5mg tablets OLUMIANT TAB 2MG Maxalt 10 mg (Rizatriptan) Zofram
Ocaliva 10mg tablets YELLOX 0.9MG/ML Fenofibric Acid 105 MG Buspirone
Latuda (Lurasidone) PROTONIX SUS 40 MG NEXIUM 20 MG CAP 90 Orphenadrine
Tbl Coldrex (CZ) GLATIRAMER 20MG/ML NEXIUM 40 MG CAP 30 Amoxic-Clavulanate Potassium 400-57 Chew.
Tab Migretil (P)SYMBYAX 12MG/25MGPENTASA CR 500 MGFlagyl 200mg Suspension
Benexol B1 B6 B12 SYMBYAX 3MG/ 25MGJardiance 25 mg SPEDRA 100MG
UTA MESTINON 60 SYMBYAX 6MG/25MG Tofacitinib citrate PREVACID 30 mg capsule
Mestinon 60mg (E) OLUMIANT TAB 2MG Clarinex D 240 Abilify 30 mg
Nebivolol 5mg (E) CYKLOKAPRON TAB 500MG Adenuric 120 mg tab Memantin Hexal 10mg
Progynova / Natazia A VALETTE 0.03MG/2.0MG Lipitor 10 mg Prozac weekly
Spasfon 80mg MOBIFLEX TAB 20MG Exforge 10/160/25Glyxambi 10MG/5MG
Advil 100mg Chewable Tablets Dipentum 500 mg tabSpasfon 80mgGlyxambi 25MG/5MG
BREO ELLIPTA 200/25MCG 30VIAGRA 50MG ODTVIIBRYD 10MG TABLETCholib 145 mg/ 40 mg tab
BREO ELLIPTA 100/25MCGNimbex (Cisatracurium besylate) 2 mg / ml Behepan 1mg (B12) Phloroglucinol 80mg ODT
lunesta Eszopiclone 2 mg tablunesta Eszopiclone 3 mg tabANACERVIX FORTE 600/15mg tabATRIPLA TAB 600MG/200MG/300MG
Fucudin 250 mgTrioBe Tab Zenon 10+20mg film tab Zoton 15 mg
Crestor 40mg tabELIDEL 1% Topical Cream Vimpat 50 mg tab
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